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December 27, 2015
I am an amazingly fortunate person.

Photography has always been a passion of mine, even before I was able to put a label on it and say "This is what I want to do".

"Facebook revealed in a white paper that its users have uploaded more than 250 billion photos, and are uploading 350 million new photos each day. To put that into perspective, that would mean that each of Facebook's 1.15 billion users have uploaded an average of 217 photos apiece." - Sep 18, 2013

That is a ton of images! Now what, if anything, could a guy like me do any differently than 1 BILLION other photographers that would allow me any chance to make a living at it?

Honestly? Not much.

As I continue to pursue a career in this field I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the numbers of photographers out there. I will refrain from the ongoing debate here as to what the definition of "Photographer" is now days since the availability of digital cameras is almost literally in everyone's hand as part of their cell phone or in entry level "Pro-sumer" DSLR cameras. For the sake of argument and this article - If you enjoy taking photos, I will call you a photographer. Period. And I know that there are A LOT of you that enjoy taking photos!

Everywhere I look there are marketing ideas, social media tips and tricks, hashtags and complete articles on the best times of the day to post images.... and the same information that is available to me is there for everyone else as well.

To quote another photographer I met along the way "I want to be different, just like everyone else". Don't we all?

So, how do you be different? What allows me to open this article with the claim that I am an amazingly fortunate person?

Work. Constant work and dedication. Knowing that I view the world differently. Knowing that my brain does not work the same as everyone else. I am difficult to get a long with, I have started and ended relationships based on my photography... I am eccentric and introverted, overly sensitive and cold-hearted, I will find the beauty in any given moment or item and simultaneously ignore it... I am an artist. And I always will be.

One of the many moments in my world that this became apparent to me yet again was on a hike to "Fairy Falls" in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. Along the trail there are countless areas that would make for great photo ops. Fantastic snapshots that could be shared with friends and family for years.... I could care less. Well, not really "care less" though it was not why I was there. I had a vision in my head, I had a process and a destination. Before I even hit the trail to start the hike I was already back in front of my computer processing and editing the photo in my head....

That is what makes me different than the over 1 billion other photographers.
When most people are enjoying the scene like these young ladies - 

By John Ramer Photography
I'm in nature guys! Selfie!

These young ladies were enjoying their hike and taking countless selfies as I thought to myself that these were the type of people that would seriously love and appreciate viewing the types of photos I take... but they were most likely not the least bit interested in the process of how those photos were taken.

My vision of Fairy Falls from that day - 

By John Ramer Photography
Fairy Falls, Oregon

That for me is what makes me so fortunate... I am a very emotional person, super sensitive, introverted and always a little preoccupied with myself.... and I found a way to "release" that.

When I photograph something it is with the intent of sharing how I feel in that moment, in that place and time. It is intimate and personal. I like to think I have hit a point with my chosen medium to be able to do that effectively.

Places and faces will always come and go. The only constant I know is in my own mind and how I feel in this moment. I am willing to share, with all of you, my innermost secrets and feelings through my art. All you have to do is look.

Please join me on my journey as I struggle to find the right words to go with the images I produce... It will be nothing short of an adventure I assure you.

John Ramer
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